Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My First Blog Award

Oh my goodness! I just received my first blog award from my sweet friend and fellow Design Team member Gloria:http://www.gloriasgreetings.blogspot.com/ Thank you Gloria. How nice is that. She passed it along to five blogs of women that she said inspired her. I was on her list. Wow!!!!

So now it is my turn. When you receive this "Beautiful Blog Award" you are to list five things you like to do and pass it along to five other deserving blogs.

My Five things I like to do:
1. Spend time with my family; teasing and playing with my DH, talking on the phone with my Marine son, having my DS friends over (no matter how annoying they may be Hee) and spend time with my Mommy.
2. I love to do things for others.
3. Doodle and make cards, scrapbook and all crafty stuff. I love to create.
4. I love to eat sweets. Yep, I am a candy kid. I don't have a favorite, I like them ALL.
5. I like to read. I love Jane Austen.

My 5 blogs I am passing it onto:

You guys inspire me!

1.Cindy Motherway (aka. Mothermark):http://mothermark.blogspot.com/

2.Dawn Burnworth (aka. flowergal36):http://mystampingthyme.blogspot.com/

3.Wendy Hall (aka. loobyloo aka. Looby Loo): http://creationsbyloubyloo.blogspot.com/

4.Sarah Taylor:http://auntbeespickles.blogspot.com/

5.Grace Wynening:http://th-ink-ingofyou.blogspot.com/


Grace said...

Oh my goodness Lisa! What an honor that you would pass this beautiful award on to me! I do so appreciate it!!! I enjoyed reading about all the things you love to do, too! Hugs!!!

auntbeespickles said...

Hi Lisa, Wow! Thanks a ton for thinking of me. I must tell you that you always inspire me to create with colors I am not at all comfortable with. You do a great job hosting the color challenge at PCP!! This is a great honor to find out that I have inspired you. I feel like I am the one that needs the inspiration. Thanks a ton again!! ;)

Mothermark said...

Hi Lisa! OMG! How thoughtful of you to mention me....I am so thrilled to receive your blog award! I was late coming here because I wrote an award acceptance speech and I have been practicing it in the mirror.....then I decided to make a card and I lost my speech in a pile of cardstock and I am too old to remember it! Snort!

So I will just say thank you!! From the bottom my heart girlfriend!!! Snugs.....

Dawn B. said...

This is so sweet Lisa. I love learning about you... I laughed out loud at loving your DS's friends when they come over. I just spent the week on a college campus with all my daughter's friends. It was a riot. I really appreciate this award. My blog is acting up so I will try to get it to work. I missed 3 auto posts while I was gone...Hugs to you..

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