Monday, December 7, 2009

Mothermark's Teapot Tuesday Challenge 71

Mothermark's Teapot Tuesday Challenge #71

I am so excited to be your Teapot Tuesday Hostess. Hugs and smootches to you Cindy!!! I am following some great challenges posted lately by my fellow teapartiers. Welcome to the party for you newcomers, you can visit this post for more info on the Teapot Tuesday Challenge. We are happy to have you join us. Listen to my story and play along however inspiration takes you.

My Story:
We are going to the North Pole. So get your earmuffs, scarfs, hats, winter coat, gloves, boots
and probably long johns too. Brrrr..... We are on a quest, a mission. What is it you ask?
To find out: What DO Snowmen Do at Night?

I went to the North Pole ahead of time, like a good hostess, setting everything up and plowing
a snow path so none of you would fall deep into the snow. Don't want to waste time digging you
guys out that we could spend sipping our thermos' of yummy tea and singing songs. I have talked to santa and he is letting us use a cottage just off his workshop. It is fully heated and high up so we will have a good vantage point. There are even telescopes set up in the windows. Mrs. Claus has been busy making us lots of different kinds of Christmas cookies. So no need to bring treats unless you want to bring one for Santa and Mrs. Claus to thank them for their hospitality, of course.

When I was there, you'll never believe what I saw....... Apparently there is a closed down amusement park nearby. The teacup ride was broken and in need of repair. Since it was not being used I saw the community of snowmen, one evening, carry a teacup from the ride and take turns sliding down the slope. Looked like they were having a grand time. I just had to take a picture.....when I returned home I realized it looked just like my teapot. The maker of this teapot must of seen the same thing. See.............

So....let's see what YOU think snowmen do at night. But I must tell you, you will have to come in the back door of the cottage if you bring any yellow snow. I guess hot chocolate will be allowed this one time, it is a teaparty, for goodness sakes, but I know Mrs. Claus makes a mean cup of cocoa and will probably be offended if we don't have some. Must have good manners, you know.

Here's today's teapot (a picture from the web)

Here's my card.


peggysue said...

Lisa!!! How on earth did you create such a great replica of the teapot? Do snowmen drink ice tea? I would think so or there might be a serious meltdown. That is one gorgeous card.

auntbeespickles said...

Oh Lisa girl! You just amaze me!! You have such a great imagination along with so much talent! This card is absolutely adorable!! You did a perfect job!! Good going girl!!

Kim said...

Absolutely adorable! LOVE your coloring it's AMAZING!!!! Stunning card hun!
hugs~ Kim

Кукурузка said...

Какой потрясающий снеговик!!!! Просто очаровашка!! :-)

Юратэ said...


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