Friday, April 9, 2010

I feel the NEED.....

My favorite line from the movie TOP GUN is "I FEEL THE NEED.........THE NEED FOR SPEED"! Hee. Love that hunk movie. I was 18 when I saw it in the theater on a date (not my husband). He came a year later...thank goodness.

Anyway...back to my NEED. I went to the grocery store for dinner (not feeling well today) so bought a roasted chicken. Well....Joanns is right next door. So you know what that means. Feeling good or not gotta check to see if anything new came in.

Ah Hah. I stumbled upon these new Fiskars punches. I was interested in these corner ones. So below are pictures of the ones I bought (there are others) and what they look like punched. I just had to feed YOUR NEED too. Hee.

Above is Punch 1 packaged

Above is Punch 1 Punched.

Above is punch 2 packaged

Above is Punch 2 Punched

Above is another option for what you can do with Punch 2 (hard to see but you can put the corner of a photo or your image panel)

Above is Punch 3 packaged

Above is Punch 3 punched


Wilfreda said...

I like these. This is the first time that I have seen them.

Katie Renz said...

Ooohhh, I saw those too, but didn't purchase any. Thanks for the close up pictures Lisa... its so hard to tell what they will look like in the package even with the picture on the back. I love the little doily egde with the circles. I have been fed... hope you are feeling a bit more up.

Vicki Dutcher said...

Lisa - you are an enabler..just to let you know LOL - I sure LOVE those punches....hmmm.

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