Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Wow! To my surprise, I received this Blog award from Patti. I don't even know Patti. How nice of you to give me this award Patti. Thank you. I am very honored. Plus I have made a new friend, the best part. In the upper right corner of Patti's blog you will see her picture is a characature. I love that. That is so cool Patti.
So I am now passing this award onto ten talented sweet ladies:
Now I am to share 10 things about me (What haven't I shared already? If I repeat, sorry)
1. I'm addicted to paper, designer paper.
2. I love making meatballs by mixing the hamburger and ingredients with my hands. Its fun squishing it. (You are probably saying Ewwwwwww!) Hee.
3. I loooooooooooove chocolate cake. mmmmmmmmmmmm
4. I take a clipboard with plain paper and doodle at doctor appts etc while I am waiting.
5. I love CSI shows (all of them)!!!! And Criminal Minds.
6. I love to make homemade gifts.
7. My favorite color is pink.
8. My oldest son has been out of the house for almost 2 years and I miss him being around all the time, seems like I have an empty hole. Sniff sniff.
9. I get out my bubbles and blow them when it is windy. I love bubbles.
10. I love to color. So I love outline stamps.


Vicki Dutcher said...

Lisa - how nice of you! I accept with gratitude!!

Linda Borneman said...

Hi Lisa! Thank you for the blogger award and for thinking of me! It really brightened my otherwise gloomy day!!

And I loved reading about you and especially loved your idea of taking along a clipboard, paper and pencil to sketch ideas while waiting at the doctor's office! How smart is that!

I'll post your kind award on my blog in a week or so when I have to make some other changes to my blog because of leaving CDS, etc.


~~Deby said...

oh my goodness...you love BUBBLES...so do I ...REALLY.....oh I can't wait till we meet...love Pink (my kitchen is painted PINK)..yepp on CSI...and Criminal Minds....I love to color too...my whole life...still have coloring books and my own set of crayons...but now have switched to Copics and BIC's which I LOVE...thanks to you...btw...love homemade gifts too...love to make them and receive them...hmmmm....a budding friendship, possibly?

Bonnie McLain said...

Oh Lisa.. thank you so very much... this is VERY sweet of you to give this award to me... funniest thing is that within a few hours.. I also received this same award from another gal.. and am so very flattered.. thanks again... and I love all the great gals I have met on SCS.. .you being one of them.. .that is for sure.. thanks again Lisa..

Rebecca Ednie said...

Thank YOu so much for this awesome award! I posted it on my blog tonight (well this morning, just haven't been to bed yet...). I really appreciate it as I haven't gotten one in a long time and comments are way down to almost non-existant on my blog unless I join in a challenge or post for a DT. thanks for a much needed pick me up.

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