Saturday, July 31, 2010


This is my Quaker Parakeet named PEPPY. I got him from my Mom because he was being picked on by another bird and was picking out his feathers. So he is loving the one on one attention he gets here. He is so cute taking a bath that I wanted to share.

Peppy just getting in testing out the waters.

Guess it must be okay because he's fluffing up his feahters to bathe. Isn't he cute!

He's not a long bath taker. "I've had enough of this" he says. Hee
That is my bird Peppy taking a bath. Did you enjoy the show? Hee


K. Joy said...

Oh, that is so cute!! :) I love the picture with him and his fluffed feathers! Glad to hear that he has a nice home now. Thanks for sharing!!! ;)

Sonya said...

He is cute! I have cockatiel and she is loud bather. She spends about 10 minutes carrying on making all kinds of noises. When someone is over and hears her I have to tell them she is alright becuase it is some STRANGE sounds! lol! Pets are so fun! Love your projects also!!

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