Wednesday, June 17, 2009

9th Grade Dance

Here he is, Alek, my youngest. Dressed in his tux for tonight's 9th grade dance. Can you believe it. A tux, corsage, transportation vehicle and food afterwards. Sounds like prom doesn't it. But no, this is the tradition for the 9th grade dance. I got a new dress, nylons and shoes. And my 9th grade dance was at my Jr. High school in the cafeteria. This is crazy, but true. Does any one else out there feel my pain?

Here's Alek's date Sierra, a friend that is a girl. She's a few inches taller than Alek and feels like she has to crouch down in the photos so as not to show up Alek. Isn't that sweet.

Here's the group: Austin, Sierra, Alek, Quinn, Hannah and Daulton.

I love it. After we (us Moms) took a few pics, they asked if they could do some goofy pics. I love it. They are dressed up but still kids through and through.

Check out these shoes! Aren't they awesome! Quinn is going to be the most comfortable one in the group dancing tonight for sure.

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CandyF said...

Ha! I so feel your pain. My youngest just finished up her freshman year and hit every dance there was -- which of course meant a new dress because OMG you can't wear the same thing twice in the same year! It's really crazy isn't it?

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