Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Puyallup Fair

My Mom and I went to the Western Washington Puyallup Fair today. It is the biggest fair in Western Washington. With that said, I saw three people I knew. How fun. When we first arrived, we were handed free tickets to the new Sillyville Train ride. Just follow the blue line. Okay, so we did....

Sillyville Train
This is the cute new Sillyville Train ride. It was a sweet little ride.

Reserve Grand Champion Quilt
My Mom is a quilter and she wanted to see the quilts. I took a picture of my favorite and it just so happened, my Mom knew this talented quilter. Isn't it amazing?!

Perfectly Preserved Preserves
I just had to take pictures of these home canned goodies. There were also cookies, cakes, pies etc...etc...

Milking Time
Everytime I go to the fair I have to stop by the Milking Station and have a sample of milk. Today's was chocolate.

Piglet Palace
I could not leave until we saw the new piglets. Aren't they cute. See that one on the right with his eyes closed and still drinking his mama's milk?!

Last stop - Caramel Apple
Now that I'm ready for my caramel apple, we find one just before going home. Mmmmmm...crunchy, chewy, sweet, dripping goodness. Worth waiting for. Yum.

Thank you for visiting today!


Christi said...

LISA!! I did not know you live in Washington?!
My husband and I are both from there! I grew up in Skagit Valley and my husband and I lived in Bremerton and in Bellingham before the army.
Thanks for sharing the picts, they brought back alot of FUN memories of "do the puallup"
pull-yall-up. he he he hehe

Dawn B. said...

You are making me homesick. We ALWAYS showed cows at the county fair in IL. This was the first year in 9 years we did not.. I LOVE that quilt. I think you need to use it as inspiration for a card..It is so unique. Really great pictures..TFS

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