Wednesday, September 2, 2009

RAK From Dawn

Aren't I the lucky one? Last week or so, I discovered this awesome loop Around the page Martha Stewart Punch existed. But I could not find one. I noticed that Dawn (flowergal36) had used it on a card. So I asked her where she got hers. She said Michaels, so I kept stalking mine. After three Michaels and my LSS later and no luck. Dawn send me it!!!!!!!!!!! Is that just the nicest thing ever? I am so surprised and blessed and so excited. Thank you Thank you Thank you Dawn. I am thankful for your friendship. Hugs.


Gloria said...

Isn't Dawn the best? Enjoy your new stamp!

Christi said...

what a neat punch! I would love to see what it looks like on paper! And What a great friend!
Isnt RAK the best thing ever!?? I just love sending out RAK suprises!

Dawn B. said...

Hehehe.. It helps to be a frequent shopper at your LSS..LOL. So glad you got is safe and sound..Hugs.

Katie Renz said...

That is super sweet... I likey that punch!

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